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Vista Bookkeeping & Consulting is a full cycle bookkeeping firm in Langley, BC that will help business owners organize, understand and grow their business so that they see their finances with clarity and freedom from stress.

We will provide reliable, accurate and timely financial information to start up, small and growing businesses.​

At the forefront of the industry, Vista Bookkeeping & Consulting harnesses the latest technology to implement the most efficient bookkeeping tools for our clients, either onsite or online.

Our solutions give clients valuable insight into their finances by providing current, correct and customized information at their fingertips.

We contribute to the success of our clients’ businesses by streamlining operations, increasing profitability, ensuring compliance and providing easy access to accurate financial information to guide business decisions.


Although located in Langley Vista Bookkeeping & Consulting serves clients in the Fraser Valley, the rest of the Lower Mainland and in fact has clients in Alberta and Manitoba.

For clients outside of the Fraser Valley sending information to us can be done in a number of ways, such as, mail, courier and secure file sharing.

Bookkeeping Langley, Langley bookkeeper

Chris Erickson, who has a passion for helping companies grow and business owners understand their financial information, began his career at Smythe Ratcliffe CPA's.  During his time at Smythe Chris assisted many start up and small business grow to the next level by assisting the business owners understand and act upon their financial information.

During the next 20 years Chris was in the private enterprise world as a controller helping those businesses develop their systems and procedures that allowed them to become leaders in their industry.

Chris realized that his skill set could be used to help many more businesses achieve their goals by assisting them grow. Chris and his clients have found that by having a qualified bookkeeper they can concentrate on what they do best, grow their business and be less stressed knowing that the business finances are being managed and government filings are on time.

Chris is a former member of the Canadian National Swim Team who enjoys road cycling, traveling with his family and working on and driving his 1992 Miata roadster.


How WE Can

Help You


for accountants



  • You waste time and money by fixing mistakes made by incompetent bookkeepers

  • Your reputation can be damaged because a bookkeeper you referred got it all wrong

  • You may have used a great bookkeeper who is now unable to take on new clients because her books are full

  • You may find yourself in the awkward situation where a client has a relative doing the bookkeeping, but they are doing a poor job, and then complain when you charge them to fix up the mess

  • You may have considered bringing the bookkeeping in-house but it’s not your core business and you don’t have the time to manage it



  • We will enhance your reputation because your clients will be delighted

  • We will be available to continually take on new clients because of The Pure Bookkeeping System

  • We can save you money by training your clients to get it right and supervise them to keep them on track

  • We can reduce your stress because you know you can rely on the information you receive

Vista Bookkeeping & Consulting Ltd. is a proud licensee of the Pure Bookkeeping System

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